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Child in Nepal 1

Child in Nepal 1

Nepal, may-june 2015

The earthquake in Nepal has had devastating consequences . Especially the small communities in the mountains in the north have been severely affected. Villages with 100, 150 families, of whom only a few houses were still standing. These people must now re-organize their lives, literally and figuratively. This also applies to Nepalese rescuers who work with (inter)national organizations to support these people.

Children are affected in a particular way. For them it is hard to understand what has happened, they felt, heard and saw, but did not know what it was, for them it is even more difficult to understand
than for adults. And they have seen the desperation of trusted adults around them.

One of the organizations, therefore, provides specific support to the children of their Nepalese staff. In working with children, other methods are applied thanin woeking with adults; drawing is a common way for children to properly reflect upon their feelings, as this story demonstrates.

As the children had finished their drawings, the Nepalese social worker who supervises the meeting asked, who wanted to tell something about his or her drawing. The children were specifically invited to tell what has made them so strong that they are now able to make this drawing. A boy of five or six, immediately steps forward and says that he wants to speak out. Without any hesitation he reports to the 'teacher' and to his friends: "My self-confidence, that's my strength." That's how it is. I can hear myself thinking: "I wonder what the journey of his life wil look like ...".