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Alert of the month: Richter's window

6 July 2015

The Cologne Cathedral is the symbol of the city; even from afar you can see the two fierce towers of this imposing building. One of the old stained-glass windows of this UNESCO world heritage has been lost in World War II. The Cologne-based artist Gerhard Richter (Leipzig, 1932) is fascinated by color and light. With 11 863 handmade pieces of colored glass, he made a new window. He placed these pieces at random; chance is his theme and his method.
If you do go to Germany and visit Cologne, go and see it. Especially on a sunny day at 12 noon. With the sun right into the window of the south transept is, theses glasses become life.
foto: Gerhard Richter, Cologne Cathedral Stained Glass Window, 2007

Surprise! Open minds open eyes

12 juli 2014

Posted on August 28, 2014 on
Occasionally there are those real life experiences in the field which genuinely surprise us; they add an unexpected dimension to the frame of reference each of us develops through formal education textbooks, and professional standards. We’re far more likely to encounter such a surprise if we start with an open mind and a willingness to connect with and learn from the people whom we are ‘helping’.